Saturday, August 2, 2008

Move In Day

Today I moved into my new house with my four new mates.  Hence the creation of this blog. Don't be fooled by the name, there is one mate moving out soon, so he is obsolete.  This blog is meant to scribe the stories and shenanigans of my new life, living with three crazy and juxtaposing dudes.  There has been a lot of change in my life and I feel like it's time to start keeping track of my misadventures.  So the mates:

Josh:  Josh is the filmmaker/level-headed guy.  He is probably my closest friend in the house, and the reason for my moving in.  Probably the most intelligent, Josh sometimes lacks a little filtering and often says exactly what's on his mind but in the wrong way.

Greg: Greg is the "full of ideas that he will never finish" guy.  Of all of his proposed business ideas, none of them have panned into anything successful.  While also very intelligent, Greg lack more common sense than any other male I have ever met. Ex. Greg and I went on a simple excursion to go get beer and ended up on the East Side with a crack head in the back of the car who needed a ride to the bar to meet up with his mechanic who was going to fix his car.

Dan:  Dan is the band guy.  I don't know enough about him yet to really form an opinion on his character but his girlfriend feels threatened by me and is an alcoholic.  This can only lead to trouble.

Aaron:  Aaron is moving out in September.  He is a neat freak and can't live in this house with all these messy boys.  

More to come on Day Two.